1. Design for Learning
Workshop Facilitation: Dec 2012

BetterAt design team for a one-day co-creation workshop invited 8 dynamic high school teachers from the Big Picture Network and Chicago Public Schools to help them prototype the best student project development tool.

Each designer worked on a team with at least one teacher to come up with concepts for the student project development tool.

The goal of the designer was to bring the design experience of developing concepts to the table and particularly look for ways to infuse design methods and tools into the solution for the students.

2. New innovation spaces at work
Workshop Facilitation: Nov 2012

Herman Miller, Grand Rapids Co-Creation Workshop,

To better understand the emerging socio-technical practices by studying the people and technologies that inhabit new spaces of innovation in the city of Chicago and surrounding areas. 

Each designer worked with a team of Herman Miller employees to come up with concepts for the future innovative work spaces.

The goal of the of the workshop was to immerse the employees in our research content and brainstorm design principles for future work spaces.