Interactive Persuasive Behavior Change

Using the principles of persuasive technologies and design, I have explored techniques to make an offering engaging enough through its interactions to support preferred behavior by consumers and to build a ‘digital engagement’ of either enduring quality or an actionable resolution. 

Read my article on "Guiding and preparing designers towards an ethical use of persuasive technology." here.

Reinforcing Relationships is a native app that is targeted at young adults, living away from family, who are seeking to improve communication between near and dear ones. The app would persuade and change the existing attitude or behavior of not keeping in touch with relatives due to busy schedules. It is a plugin that lives in mobile and web applications, with cloud based updates and connected to the personal calendar & phonebook. Entries are stored in sorted list so the user can see what they are most out of date with. The user can create multiple lists for social contacts, friends, and family. Not only it helps the user keep up with the people they want to contact regularly, but also keep track of when they contact people and informs when you need to follow up. 

* Call, text, or email from the app and update automatically.
* See history of when you contacted a person.

Bitewise: Interactive Health Machine 2.0

Bitewise is a mobile app that encourages people to adopt healthier lifestyle. Bitewise helps people to recognize the correlation/pattern between their eating habits and emotional state, and to share these experiences and tips. Many urban professionals with desk jobs and long hours in front of computers have inactive lifestyles and high level of stress. While food and eating should be an enjoyable, important part of their daily life, the activity is often overlooked as a ‘wasted time’ from doing more important work. 

Interactive Mobile Persuasion, Fall 2012 • Guide: Aaron Marcus • Team: Knowl Baek, Priyanka Marawar, Keta Patel, Roy Luo