Sketching with Hardware workshop

Posted on by Keta Patel

IIT Institute of Design invited Dave Vondle and Nick Inzucchi from IDEO to lead a 1 day workshop on “Sketching with Hardware” – learning how to build quick sketch prototypes using the Arduino platform. 

“Hardware Sketches” 
Sketching is a tool for conveying and capturing the right level of information as quickly as possible. When designing for interactive systems there is often value in taking sketches off the notepad into the real world. In this workshop we tried to use the Arduino platform and basic coding to create quick hardware “sketches”.

Team: Keta (the designer), Ishan (the developer) and Alison (the guru)
We created a basic hurdle game which combined both the physical and digital world. We used the flex sensor and the tilt sensor to create the duck and jump states of the hurdle game.